While walking around in my personalized dog socks, I stepped on a tack that had been on the floor from when I was putting up decorations. Luckily for me the tack didn’t injure me, but it snagged on my sock and tore a hole in it. I thought about sewing up the sock, but there was no way that I could do it while still having it look good. I decided that it would just be best to get a new pair of socks from the same place that I got the previous socks, but that website had been shut down.

In order to get the socks that I wanted, I had to find a new website that would allow me to take a picture of my dog and put it on socks. I was able to find a website in only five minutes of searching around. I picked a new picture this time and sent it in, got a confirmation that my socks would be on the way, and then waited for them to come. Waiting is always the hardest part of having something personal come in the mail, especially when it’s something that you want to use every day.

The socks didn’t take as long to come as I thought they would have. I made sure that there was nothing else on the floor so that my new socks wouldn’t get ruined like my old pair. My dog seemed to love the new socks, because he couldn’t stop sniffing them while I was wearing them. He even licked them a couple of times. I wonder if I can buy socks for him with his face on them. I’ve never tried to put socks on a dog before, but I guess it could work, as long as they don’t slide off.