Ann and I are going to be packing up our stuff and moving to the new place next week. It is not a new place in the big scheme of things, it was built about four decades ago from what I can tell and apparently at that point it was about ten miles from the edge of the city. Now the city is basically right down the road and probably we end up paying city taxes in a couple of years. The previous owner has a satellite dish on the roof and right now the direct tv local channels are coming in on it apparently. The guy had a couple of boxes that he is not going to need in his new place and he just left them here for us, which is fine with me obviously. Of course since I have no deal with them that makes me eligible for one of those introductory offers that they give you to get your business. The cable company will do the same sort of thing, but this deal is pretty nice in comparison. It is less than half of what I have been paying.

Of course the cable internet was pretty nice in my old place. It was a good service that cost about a third more than it was really worth in my opinion. I have to find some way to get the internet here which saves me a good bit of money, although I am not sure whether or not the cable company would be interested in selling you just internet. I think that if AT&T has that Fios available then they will do that for you, but it is not like they are incredibly cheap to be honest. I have not checked yet, but I am pretty sure you can not get it here any way.