I know that other people think that I am too paranoid about some things, but I really do not care. When it comes to my safety, I will always choose to be overly cautious. There is just too much that can happen otherwise. When I decided to outfit my home with a security system, I looked online at the different alternatives that I had to do this. I looked at Hikvision CCTV kits after seeing the price for someone to come out and install a system for me because I thought that it was just too much money to do something that I could probably do just as well on my own.

I have a technical mind, and I have no problem running cables and hooking up electronics. When I started to think about it, I thought that it was probably the safest route to go. If I had someone else install it, then that person would know all about my security system. While chances are I would be able to trust that person, I also knew that person would know everything about my security system. I thought it best that I be the only person who knows every single detail of it.

When I looked at the kits, I also saw that they were very easy to install on my own. I was able to pick out a system that has everything i wanted, and the price was just a fraction of what I would have paid to have someone else come out and do this for me. So, I saved money, plus I will be the only one who knows exactly what I have. I like both of those factors, and that is why I ended up putting in my own security system. Sometimes being paranoid pays off like that!