When my husband wouldn’t do it, I called a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer for him. I may just be a housewife who does not work for a company and bring home the money that pays the bills, but my credit was being affected by his inability to pay our bills. If I sound frustrated, it is because I really was. But I can’t really blame my husband because he was suffering from a long bout of depression and was struggling to stay afloat in so many ways. I watched him struggling every day. But when I told him that it was time that we try to dig ourselves out of the trouble we were in, he was stubborn and didn’t want outside help.

I am not a really aggressive person. I’m actually sort of shy and meek. It’s just the way I have always been. On the other hand, my hubby has always been a take charge kind of guy. But he was stress about work and worried that his bosses would be sorry that they hired him to be in charge of their new location. He was working long hours. To make himself feel better, he began overspending. I could not figure out why he could remember to go to the store to buy an overpriced entertainment system, but forget about paying the monthly car and house bill. I even offered to take over the bill paying for him to no avail.

The meeting with the lawyer for the first time went really well. It was a struggle to get him to go, but once he was there, he began looking hopeful for the first time in months. The lawyer explained that he needed to curb his further spending or we would be right back in the same trouble after the bankruptcy. It was nice to see the my husband was finally listening to someone.