Have you ever heard of someone having hemorrhoids? If it wasn’t you, I imagine you might have gotten a laugh or two out of it. I have. There is just something about scatological humor that gets a lot of us going. Pardon the pun. Anyway, until I had hemorrhoids myself, I had no idea of the pain. I have seen them in pictures, and they are scary looking. When I got them I could barely sit on anything. The burning was awful, and it felt like nothing would relieve it. I took the time to visit URL recommendations from a search engine to investigate products that might help me with them.

Grandma said it was having a case of the piles. I thought that was an old folk word for hemorrhoids. Actually, it means inflamed hemorrhoids. Looks like grandma knows more than I gave her credit for. However, she did tell me I would get them from sitting on the ground, concrete or on a rock as I do when fishing. Yes, I got “the piles,” but I have never seen any evidence of cold hard surfaces being a cause of them. So, I guess grandma is half right.

I am just looking for relief. I dread even seeing TV commercials for over-the-counter products for hemorrhoids. Seeing the actors and the looks on their faces reminds me of myself. It is awful. Imagine trying to sit at your desk at your cubicle at work and concentrate on your job while the pain at your rectum is severe to the point it feels like you are on fire. You really do not get much relief standing up, but a change in position gives a slight, yet temporary, alleviation of some of the pain. Sure, it sounds funny. That is, until it happens to you.