I love the Desi food that I grew up with. When we moved to a new country, mom wanted to immerse herself in the foods of our new country. She quickly learned how to make hamburgers, macaroni and cheese and other people foods that people eat here. She still makes Indian food at times, but she’s actually found that she likes American food better. I, however, miss all the foods that I grew up on in our home country. I plan to be a chef one day, so I go online to meet up with other people to talk about foods that are from India. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve been able to find some of the old recipes for things mom used to make.

When I moved out on my own, I found that I only knew how to make American cuisine since mom decided that is what she wanted us to eat. Over the years, she began to forget some of the old recipes that she used to make from India. She remembers the name of many of them, so I grill her for information and then write it all down so that I can do Internet searches to find the recipes. Once I find one, I try it out to see if it is close to what I remember. If the recipe doesn’t match, I tweak it a little until it does or I continue searching online until I find a duplicate of what my mom used to make often.

There are three restaurants in my city that serve Indian cuisine. One of them serves the flavors of the southern portion of the country. The other two restaurants serve up the flavors of the Northern portion of the country. The foods from the two areas are very different. I enjoy the flavors of both. I’m getting really good at recreating the foods that I miss. I registered for cooking classes at a local cooking school, and I plan to become even better with cooking so that I can work at a restaurant when I graduate.