My First Experience of Going Clay Shooting

I was a teenager when I went with a friend of mine to visit his grandparents who lived in a rural area. We were out on the property when I started walking on these pieces of crunchy stuff broken up on the ground in spots. They were bits that were brightly colored in spots with fluorescent orange and green. Some were just red. I did not know what they were, and my friend said they were clay pigeons when I asked. Seeing my puzzled look he told me they were used in the clay shooting sport where you take a shotgun and shoot the clay target disks that are launched into the sky. He told me they have a machine that does it, but some people throw them with a handheld launcher. Read More »

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We Finally Have a Hobby That Our Child Wanted Long Term

My daughter seemed to have no real interest in most things for a very long time. I began to introduce her to more types of recreational hobbies in the hopes that one of them would stick. One day she taught me what she was interested in on her own. We were passing by a store that offers childrens horse riding clothes and she pointed out that she would love to do more than just read about horses or collect horse-related items. She wanted to actually learn how to work with and ride them, too. I had tried to get her interested in this a couple of years without much luck, so it was very surprising to me at first.

We have to be very careful about throwing ourselves into helping our daughter too quickly when she expresses an interest in something. She has a very long habit of showing interest in a lot of things, and then she quickly grows bored within just weeks or even days. Read More »

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